Shawn Constable

Director of Training and Support

As a Senior Classroom Support Specialist, Shawn works closely with Globaloria educators and administrators to establish successful Globaloria practices and create customized implementation that meet their specific learning goals. Shawn has enjoyed a long and varier career that includes work as an elementary and middle school teacher, campus technology facilitator, and district and regional instructional technology trainer. In this last role at the Education Service Center, Region 20, in San Antonio, Shawn supported district leaders, teachers and staff, in the implementation of district and state technology initiatives, including design and delivery of technology and curriculum integration training, and campus technology planning.

Prior to joining Globaloria, Shawn worked for Wireless Generation – which later became Amplify – an EdTech startup, where she often served as a liaison between the customer and product teams, supporting teachers, school and district leaders' first-time use with products. Across twenty-four years in education and the EdTech industry, Shawn has witnessed first-hand the challenges teachers face, blending new technologies with existing practices, affording a deep understanding of the journey through change and adoption. It is this understanding and compassion that Shawn brings to her work at Globaloria.