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Globaloria offers schools a results-proven solution to transform classrooms into dynamic, 21st-century learning environments that advance student achievement, and teacher excellence in four main pathways: CTE, CSEd, STEM Electives, and CORE Integration.



Our suite of project-based, standards-aligned courses for grades 4 to 12 harness the appeal of making video games to inspire student learning and interest in Computer Science and Coding Education (CS), Career and Technical Education (CTE), STEM Electives, and CORE subjects (using CS to enhance studies of Math, Science, History, English, or Spanish).



Pathways offer a suggested sequence of Globaloria courses that can be used to cultivate knowledge and interest in an area of learning focus, and are customizable based on class needs.


Blended Learning Platform

Students learn online using our secure, member-only platform. They master project management, coding, design thinking, writing and digital publishing of their own educational apps and video games. In their courses, they use the Globaloria digital textbooks and tutorials, develop personal digital portfolios, research and collaborate, and utilize our expert support community. Built-in class management and assessment tools make it easy for teachers to guide personalized learning of individuals and teams at all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.


Training and Support

Not a techie? Not a problem! Any teacher can implement Globaloria successfully. We train teachers – from CTE, CS, STEM, and CORE Subjects – every step of the way, and support them and their students throughout the entire school year. On-demand training and coding coaches are always available to help!


Implementation Models

Each Globaloria course is aligned to state and national standards, and designed to fit an interdisciplinary learning experience. Teachers can use our courses as stand-alone curricula, or as part of a complete pathway within CTE, CS, STEM electives, or a project-based learning experience within any CORE class. Courses are modular and customizable so they can be sequenced to create Multi-Year Pathways. For example, teachers and school librarians have used Globaloria courses as Introduction to CS, Advanced Biology, Principles of IT, Exploring STEM Careers, Game Design & Coding Electives, etc.


Tech Requirements

Globaloria is a cloud-based, computing experience that requires high speed internet access and a computer for each student during class time. We introduce students to real world applications; some courses use online tools exclusively and others require Unity or Flash software.

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Globaloria's Features


Customizable Curriculum


Professional Development and Mentoring


Robust Technical Support


360 Degree learning system for students, teachers and principals


STEM  Content and Skill-Building


Suitable for public, charter and independent schools and school libraries