Game Design for Computer Science and Design Thinking
(JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Unity)

Take the Intro to Computer Science: Web Design, Intro to Computer Science: Game Design and 3D Game Design & Coding: Adventure Game courses as a 2-semester sequence. Learn basics of iterative game design, prototyping, and coding by creating an educational game with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learn to develop a 3D adventure game with JavaScript and Unity..


Recommended & Required:


  • Full Year course recommended for High School Computer Science and CTE.
  • Cloud-based tools are used in Semester 1.
  • Unity Professional software is required on computers for Semester 2.
  • Completing this course takes 70-100 hours.
  • Approved and certified as a "g" elective credit for California A-G requirements.

How It Works:


This course combines three courses Intro to Computer Science: Web Design, Intro to Computer Science: Game Design and 3D Game Design & Coding as a two semester sequence appropriate for High School and CTE electives.

In Semester 1, students use Intro to Computer Science: Web Design and Game Design to learn fundamentals of game design and coding by creating an action game with a learning goal. They write the game code in JavaScript and incorporate graphics they draw with an online drawing tool. They learn to use HTML and CSS to set up webpages where their game work will be published.

In Semester 2, students use 3D Game Design & Coding to learn basics of 3D game design and coding by creating an adventure game where the player must find items in a 3D world before time runs out. The game is created using Unity and JavaScript. Games will have an educational mission so the player can learn something as they explore. To learn more coding and design, students can add optional "game ingredients" including lighting, doors, keys, moving objects and platforms.

This course is approved and certified as a "g" elective credit by University of California for California student's A-G requirements for admission to UC and CSU. College-Preparatory Elective ("g") 1 year required.

Skills Covered:


Game Design Concepts: Research, Concept Development (Backstory, Goals), Writing a Design Plan, Paper-Prototyping, Play-Testing, Debugging, Presenting, Publishing.

Coding Concepts: Event Listeners, If Statements, Mouse Events, Game Loop, Variables, Booleans (true/false), For Loops, Arrays, Logical Operators (and, or, not), Predicates, Comments.

Design and Production Concepts: Drawing and Paint Tools, Importing Assets, Integrated Development Environment, File Management, GitRepository.

Unity Functionality: 3D Primitives, Textures, Terrain, Importing Assets, Library, Game Objects, Game Components, Attaching Scripts, Scenes, 3D Environments and Effects, Integrated Development Environment, File Management.

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