Essentials of Coding

Essentials of Coding introduces JavaScript programming by playing a simple coding game and modifying it. Learn the foundations of computer science, game design and coding by re-creating a version of the game, designing custom digital art for screen background and characters, adding a narrative, and a unique learning goal for future game players.


Recommended & Required:


  • Completing this course takes 15-20 hours
  • Recommended as a first course for all new CS learners in middle school, high school, or adults
  • Prerequisite for 201a – Intro to Computer Science: Web Design
  • Cloud-based tools are used for this course (no software installation)

How It Works:


Before beginning coursework, you are introduced to the Globaloria online learning platform; learn about working in an online community and how to get help from industry experts and the Globaloria Coding Coaches as you work on your applied computer science project.

Coursework begins by playing a coding game called "MakeQuest" and changing elements and inputs inside its JavaScript code. You learn to read, write, and edit code. After playing through MakeQuest, you follow an iterative design process to create your own version of MakeQuest. In the process, you learn to use digital drawing and paint tools to design your own custom art, being guided on how to import your digital assets, code, and publish your remixed version of MakeQuest.

By the end of the course, you have produced, playtested and presented your own original platformer game.

Skills and Competencies Covered:

Game Design Concepts: Concept Development (Backstory, Goals), Design Plan, Paper-Prototyping, Debugging, Presenting, Publishing.

Coding Concepts: Variables, Functions, Comments

Design Concepts: Drawing and Paint Tools, Asset Export and Import


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