Game Design and Coding: Hidden Object Game

Students research, design and program a simple Flash game with a learning goal, in the process teaching themselves the basics of game design, animation, and coding in Flash Professional Software. 

Recommended & Required:


  • After completing Essentials of Coding, this course is recommended for expanding game design and coding experience for students in Grades 5-12.
  • Flash Professional software is required on computers used for this course.
  • This course is a prerequisite for Game Design and Coding: Action Game.
  • This course is a prerequisite for Teamwork-CS.
  • Completing this course takes 15-25 hours.

How It Works:


In Game Design and Coding: Hidden Object Game, students research and design a Flash game with a learning goal: a ‘Hidden Object’ game where the player must find crucial items hidden in a scene before time runs out. This simple ‘beginner’ game contains only one scene and a few things for the prospective player to do. To learn more coding and design, students may add optional "ingredients" to their Hidden Object games, including music, hints and zoom.


Skills Covered:


Game Design Concepts: Research, Concept Development (Backstory, Goals), Writing a Design Plan, Paper-Prototyping, Play-Testing, Debugging, Presenting, Publishing.

Coding Concepts: Event Listeners, If Statements, Mouse Events, Game Loop, Variables, Booleans (true/false), For Loops, Arrays, Logical Operators (and, or, not), Predicates, Comments.

Flash Functionality: Drawing and Paint Tools, Importing Assets, Library, Layers, Timeline, Frames, Keyframes, Scenes, Instance Names, Symbols, Objects, Tweens, Integrated Development Environment, File Management.

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