Intro to Computer Science: Web Design (HTML, CSS)

Intro to Computer Science: Web Design introduces planning and prototyping an educational game; then building a website to present it. In the process, learn to write and test HTML and CSS code, experience work in an online IDE (integrated development environment) and practice industry-standard design processes.


Recommended & Required:


  • Completing this course takes 20 hours.
  • After completing Essentials of Coding, this course is recommended for expanding game design and coding experience
  • Cloud-based tools are used for this course. No software installation.
  • This course is a prerequisite for Intro To Computer Science: Game Design with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • After completing this course, we suggest continuing on with 3D Game Design & Coding with Unity and JavaScript.

How It Works:


In Intro to Computer Science: Web Design, you learn to plan and prototype an educational game, then publish the results on a website you build by yourself. You plan an action game with a learning goal, and do online research about your learning content. You also learn to use HTML and CSS to set up a customized website where you publish your game idea and research. Finally, you learn to work in an online IDE (integrated development environment) to write and test code and manage files.

Skills and Competencies Covered:


  • HTML: Webpage structure and content
  • CSS: Webpage Styling
  • Game Design: Research, Concept Development (Backstory, Goals), Writing a Design Plan, Paper-Prototyping, Play-Testing, Presenting
  • Graphic Design and Production: Drawing and Paint Tools, Importing Assets, Integrated Development Environment, File Management, GitRepository
  • Blogging: Use a blog to plan, design, and document your learning process, your website build and your game design journey

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