Globaloria Summer Coding Camp

Fun online computer science summer courses at your own pace!

Courses range from 20 to 40 hours. You can take as many as you wish.



Advance your computer science knowledge and skills

Industry Expert Mentor with Office Hours     Coding Coach Support over the summer
Built-in Course Pacing Guide with suggested times     Dynamic Learning Community with fellow campers

Our Summer camp registration is now closed!
Check back in September to register for the Fall 2017 Coding Camp

The Stories of Our Globaloria Students...

From Globaloria to STEM Career: "What I like about Globaloria is that I’ve learned to design my own videogames about my own ideas in different computer coding languages."

STEAM Projects from Around the Nation: "I want to come back and keep using Globaloria over and over again because I think Globaloria has great courses."

From Globaloria to STEM Degree: "Globaloria helped me realize that I want to do computer science. I now know I want to program and make educational games."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Globaloria Summer Coding Camp?

Globaloria Summer Coding Camp is an opportunity for Globaloria students and their family and friends to expand their computer science, game design and coding knowledge over the summer at their own time and pace.

What courses are available?

This summer we offer a suite of 5 courses, that we recommend to take in sequence. These are:

Each course can be taken more than once to build a portfolio of rich and diverse subjects and themes in science, mathematics, history, language arts, etc.

High School students who build a portfolio by taking these 5 courses will be more than ready to take the AP Computer Science Principles exam. 

Will my school teacher be facilitating the class?

No. You will be taking this course on your own. Our industry experts will mentor you while our Coding Coaches will be available to answer questions and leave you feedback throughout the course.

How long does the summer camp last?

The first session begins May 15th. The second session starts June 5th. The third session starts July 10th. We recommend pacing schedules and completion dates. However, it's your summer and you are in charge!

How long does each course take to complete?

Some courses take 20 hours, which is 2 hours over 10 days or 4 hours over 5 days. Other courses take 35 hours, which is 5 hours over 7 days or 2 hours over 18 days. It's your summer and you are in charge!

How is this camp different from my Globaloria class during the school year?

No. You will be taking this course on your own. Industry experts in Computer Science and Game Design will mentor you, while our Coding Coaches will always be available to answer your questions in the Help Center, and leave you feedback throughout the course.

Can I use this for my college applications?

Absolutely. You can share your projects as well as download all of the games you created in the courses you complete. We provide course completion certificates upon fulfillment of all course requirements. Taking Globaloria courses contributes to improving your chances to get an internship and enter the college of your choice. 

Can my friends, my parents, and family members be in the Globaloria Summer Coding Camp?

Absolutely, yes. Please bring all of your friends, siblings, parents, and family members to join you on this fun summer journey! You can be part of the same class and have fun learning together.