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Any teacher can use Globaloria courses as a computer science education tool in their classroom. 

Globaloria is an award-winning learning system that provides college-style courses in CSEd, CTE, STEM, and CS-CORE integration, enhancing computing innovation and team work through game design and coding.

Globaloria Courses empower students to become creative thinkers and thoughtful producers,
not just consumers of complex digital content.

Globaloria provides educators and schools a safe and secure turnkey platform, comprehensive professional development, blended-learning methods, and daily expert support to students and educators.

“STEAM is the new literacy. CS is thinking power. Coding is the new writing.”
– Dr. Idit Harel, CEO and Founder (MIT Media Lab PhD 1988, Harvard EdM 1984)

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“I see problem solving taking place along with collaboration and I love it when

students say I can’t believe the class period is over already."


Michelle  |  Globaloria Educator  |  Tongue River, WY

"I love that we get to experience making games and
that this is hands on!”


High School Student  | The Young Women's Leadership School  | Astoria, NY

“Our long term Globaloria students have consistently

out-scored our other students on all State and National tests."


Superintendent  |  East Austin College Prep  |  Austin, TX

Globaloria is Award Winning


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