About Globaloria

Globaloria is an education technology company that works in partnership with K-12 schools to respond to high demand for innovative computing instruction models. We're based in New York City, with offices in Austin and San Jose.

Engaging more students in computing is critical.

Globaloria designs courses to engage a broad range of students, especially women and minorities, at an early age.


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Our Company's History

From 2006 to 2014, Globaloria was incubated by the national education nonprofit World Wide Workshop. Our goal during that time was to make a computing platform that could be used by any teacher to teach any student to design and build games, even if neither teacher nor student had any previous computer science experience. Eight years of incubation gave us the the time we needed to meticulously develop our toolset whilst incorporating feedback from students and teachers every step of the way.

Globaloria is based on the principles of Constructionism, a learning theory which asserts that building knowledge occurs best through building things that are tangible an sharable. Our CEO, Dr. Idit Harel, has been a leading thinker in the Constructionist movement for 30 years, conducting breakthrough research at the MIT Media Lab on children as designers and programmers.

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