Frequently Asked Questions

What does Globaloria do?


Simply put, Globaloria gives teachers — even teachers who’ve never taught computing — access to courses and tools designed to help them teach students to create and code their own computer games.

If Globaloria encourages kids to design computer games, does that mean the tools Globaloria provides can only be used in dedicated computer science classrooms?


No way! About 25% of the time, when teachers use Globaloria, they’re using it to enrich existing classes that previously had no computer science component. For instance, at Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California, biology teacher Mr. DeLaRosa had his students design games about a core biology concept using Globaloria, while in Stevenson Middle School in Houston, TX, Ms. Vanderbilt used Globaloria to give her students in Career Explorations Course an introduction to careers in STEM fields. So even if your school has no existing computer science curriculum, Globaloria’s tools can be used to enrich whatever classes you do offer: Science, mathematics or even English!

My school is on a pre-set curriculum (i.e. Common Core, TEKS) and needs to meet certain standards every year. Do our teachers and kids really have time to make games when we have standards to meet?


Our courses are deliberately designed to align with several widely-used educational standards, including the Common Core, TEKS, ISTE and the Next Generation Science Standards. For an example of how Globaloria’s tools can help teachers fulfill common standards requirements, please check out how Globaloria aligns with the Common Core here.

But can a teacher who’s not STEM-trained or has never taught a computer science course really use Globaloria’s tools to teach kids how to make games?


Yes, they can! Globaloria was incubated for eight years by the nonprofit World Wide Workshop, incorporating teacher and student feedback all the while. Our goal was to make a tool that could be used by teachers who’d never taught programming before to teach students with no previous computer science experience. Eight years of nonprofit incubation gave us the time we needed to develop the perfect toolset; today, we’re confident our tool set can be used by any teacher, regardless of experience.

I’ve got a question that’s not answered by this FAQ! How can I get it answered?


Great! Email us at info@globaloria.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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