Our Mission

To Provide Computer Science Education For ALL.
To Service with Passion and Excellence All Schools,
All Teachers, All Students, in All Zipcodes.
To make Computer Science Education and STEM Learning and Teaching Approachable, Fun, and Inviting.
To Increase Participation by Encouraging Diversity of Backgrounds, Knowledge Levels, and Implementation Models.

“Globaloria is a new way to learn.
We are engaging children in learning from a young age
how to ask big questions, solve hard problems, think deeply,
and learn fluently using computer programming languages and
other tech tools and online resources – and to do that in a creative,
transparent, social, and participatory blended-learning environment.” -
Idit Harel, CEO & Founder, as featured on Markets For Good

Addressing Three Critical Needs


1. Student Engagement

Learning is fun, but textbooks and lectures can be boring. Deep engagement with learning happens when students feel passion and ownership over their learning experience.


2. Teacher Empowerment

Schools need to train existing teachers to teach STEM skills to their students. Globaloria aims to empower educators by enhancing their 21st-century capabilities and STEM learning and teaching opportunities.


3. Opportunity Creation

STEM-related fields will soon account for nearly 8 million U.S. jobs. Preparing our students for these opportunities is critical to their success, and to the well being of our society.

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"If we want all children to learn new computing thinking skills and
master hard concepts, and if we want all teachers to be able to teach
computer science concepts -- we need to make learning fun.
Inventing, designing, coding and engineering a creative playable
computer game or a simulation is the new science. STEM is the new literacy.
CS is thinking power. Coding is the new writing."
- Idit Harel, Washington, DC Atlantic Live.