Adam DeLaRosa

Senior Classroom Support Specialist

As a Senior Classroom Support Specialist, Adam works closely with Globaloria educators and administrators to help them establish successful classroom practices and create customized implementation plans that meet their specific learning goals. Adam returned home to Silicon Valley after earning a BA in Spanish from Willamette University. Quickly he found himself evolving from a part time substitute teacher into a full time classroom teacher. He taught 9th-12th grade courses in English, History, Spanish and Science over the next six years. Adam jumped at the opportunity to become a Globaloria educator in 2012 because gaming has always been one of his biggest hobbies. He saw the difference the Globaloria program had on motivation and engagement in his science classes first hand, and joined the team as a mentor and consultant. Taking his experience in both gaming and education, Adam is very excited to work with teachers and students to shape the next stages of both video games and learning.