Jonathan Hodrick

Senior Manager of Professional Development and Mentoring

As a Senior Manager of Professional Development and Mentoring, Jonathan works alongside educators to assist them in implementing a successful Globaloria program. He supports teachers and students with their adventure through the Globaloria curriculum by leading them through tight spots and showing them how to make rogue problems disappear. Before moving to this role, Jonathan served as Globaloria's Manager of Learner Experience & Instructional Support where he oversaw the virtual Help Desk team. Jonathan holds a Masters of Science in Games for Learning at NYU. He received his BSE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, devoting his studies to the development of technology and gaining a passion for education. He is an avid gamer, with his favorite genres being fighting games, role playing games, and adventure games. After living in Philadelphia for five years, Jonathan returned to his hometown of New York City to experience the hum of the subways as well as the sights of the city and familiar faces. As part of the Globaloria team, Jonathan is really excited to bring games and learning together, equipping students with the skills to succeed.