Margaret Minsky

Margaret Minsky is an internationally-known researcher in the field of learning technology and haptic interfaces (computational interfaces that simulate objects that you can touch and feel). She advises the Globaloria CEO on learning methodology and product quality. A contributor to educational technology, human-computer interaction, and multimedia publications, she developed the first technique for creating haptic textures while at the MIT Media Lab, and her writings on haptics have been featured in the New York Times and in lectures in the USA and Japan. Margaret has served on numerous conferences’ programs and review boards. She holds a BS and PhD from MIT, and was a Research Lead at Atari Cambridge Laboratory and Interval Research Corporation. She founded a design/manufacturing company to produce innovative clothing and textile processing, and her research has been published in conference proceedings in the fields of computer graphics, haptics, and mechanical engineering. Margaret served as editor and contributor to LogoWorlds, a book about the benefits of the Logo programming language to children’s learning. Most recently Margaret produced an online learning environment about Marvin Minsky’s Mind and Music ideas. Margaret also has expertise in Trapeze and Circus Arts as a recreational performer.