Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele is helping Globaloria as a Chief Technology Advisor to the CEO. Steele is a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, and an alumnus of Apple Computer, AOL, and Nest Labs. He has worked in the industry as a CTO, engineering manager, product manager, technical co-founder, and software architect. He has built web, embedded, and operating system products in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Common Lisp, and assembly, and collaborated on the design of a programming language (Dylan). Steele has been an invited Speaker at PyCon, XTech, and O’Reilly Emerging Technology conferences, and the Google Tech Talk series.

Oliver's undergraduate and graduate studies focused on linguistics and computer science. He holds a BS in linguistics from UNC-Chapel Hill, and was a PhD candidate at Brandeis University. His interests include juggling, running, primary math education, and guitar.