Scott Lipton

Education Consultant

Formerly serving as Director of Globaloria, Central/South, Scott was responsible for growing and implementing Globaloria in schools and school districts across the Central and Southern United States. His experiences as a classroom teacher, high school principal, and district administrator brought a unique blend of practical, ground-level knowledge to the Globaloria team. Scott began his career in education teaching high school English and Social Studies before moving into administration. Most recently, Scott served as the principal of Del Valle High School, and as principal of LASA High School in Austin, Texas. With 20 years of experience in a variety of roles across the education spectrum, Scott has been leading the integration of innovative technologies in education throughout his career, and is responsible for bringing some of the first blended-learning and STEM education programs to Central Texas schools. Scott is a strong advocate for education technology, supporting teachers, students, and administrators through his deep understanding of curriculum, instruction, and assessment; and, helping to guide educators in the utilization of transformative technology to improve learning outcomes for all students.