Globaloria Featured in the School Library Journal Inspiring Librarians to Lead Educational Change

On March 30, CEO Idit Harel was invited to lead a Maker Workshop, as a part of a 4-week online course for librarians globally, produced and hosted by the School Library Journal. The course was designed to provide exposure to innovative tech companies and innovative maker projects, encouraging librarian course-takers to develop an action plan for launching or fueling maker programs. Fast-learning sessions were featured to bring librarians up to speed on the exciting work of some of the most creative makers from around the country.

The following excerpt was taken from an article published by SLJ Steampunk, SLIME, and Game Design: Lead the Change Fast-Learning Sessions, written by Sarah Bayliss on March 31, 2016.

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Idit Headshot
Third up in this dynamic trio was Idit Harel, CEO of Globaloria, a company that produces an array of game-making software that leads students, from about third to 12th grade, through design strategies in order to create many different kinds of games.

“Kids globally love playing games, but they love making games even more,” said Harel, who emphasized the creative rewards of mastering this activity, which helps build computer science skills.

“Games are systems,” she notes – and a “fabulous medium for telling stories.” She suggested that students make games about subjects that they know, and showed games that students had created with Globaloria tools including a math game, Zombie Factors, and another that teachers grammar and sentence structure.

Student-Maker Project Examples

“When you start making games, you start playing games like a producer,” she said, in much the same way that people become critical readers the more they write. Librarians could potentially teach the game design with other teachers, she suggested – focusing on themes relating to civic engagement, environment, animal rights, social issues, among many other themes.

Key Elements of an Educational Game

Central elements of an educational game, Harel said, are an engaging story, that they are easy to play, have clear goals, and appealing sound and visual effects, for starters. She added that they should be fast and re-playable, should simplify a hard concept, and have a reward system such as points or badges. Game creators make atmospheric choices as well, she noted: will the game be realistic? Surrealistic? Fun?

While it can take a 10-week commitment for students to create a complex game, Harel encouraged the audience to use the starter MakeQuest technology in order to get their feet wet in game design, adding that those who buy access to all Globaloria materials get training with a teacher, open access to all platforms, and professional development support.

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Celebrating College Day at East Austin College Prep Academy

On March 11, we were invited to participate at the 2016 East Austin College Prep Academy (EAPrep) Career Day. EAPrep is our first Globaloria school in Texas. In May 2009, the AMD Foundation partnered with Southwest Key Programs to establish EAPrep in an underserved community in Austin, and AMD brought Globaloria as a partner to infused the newly-created charter school with top-quality STEM and Computing education. The vision for this unique K12 STEM school was documented here and here.

Once a year since it was established, EAPrep runs a Career Day, focusing its students on building dreams about STEM careers. The goal is to provide all students with a variety of experiences, including guest speakers and hands-on activities. Austin-based Globaloria staff as well as EAPrep HS Seniors were invited as guest speakers. In addition, one teacher hosted sessions where students could play student-made games that explained how to get into college and addressed college readiness.

Globaloria CEO, Dr. Idit Harel, poses with East Austin College Prep Academy (EAPrep) Student LeadersGlobaloria CEO, Dr. Idit Harel, poses with EAPrep Student Leaders

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Oslo + Austin EdTech Startups Mixer

On March 9, during SXSWedu, Globaloria was selected to participate in the first ever Oslo + Austin EdTech Startups Mixer. Hosted at Capital Factory, twelve of the “Top Startups in the EdTech World” presented their products. The mixer was sponsored by Norwegian Consulate General in Houston and launched a collaboration between Oslo EdTech Cluster and Austin’s EdTech Action. It provided a unique opportunity for Globaloria to connect and collaborate locally and globally, with startups from Oslo EdTech sphere and education innovators and visionaries from around the globe.

Austin-based Globaloria Team, Valerie Malcomb (Classroom Support) and Emily Upfal (Texas Operations Manager) chat with attendees about the current state of education in Texas and what Globaloria is doing to improve it. Austin-based Globaloria Team, Valerie Malcomb (Classroom Support) and Emily Upfal (Texas Operations Manager) chat with attendees about the current state of education in Texas and what Globaloria is doing to improve it.

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SXSWedu Leadership Breakfast with Robert Scott

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, during the SXSWedu Week in Austin, Texas, the Globaloria Team hosted a Leadership Breakfast and with Robert Scott, former Texas Commissioner of Education, where everyone discussed the past, present and future of STEM and Computer Science Education in Texas. The Texas STEM Initiative and the Educate Texas STEM Academies began under Scott’s administration. Commissioner Scott led a conversation about the future of state and federal initiatives, including his current work with the Every Student Succeeds Act. He also responded to questions about engaging girls and minorities in STEM, and equalizing opportunities for all students to study STEM and computing courses and how to fit it in schools’ schedules.

Caption here

Austin area school leaders attend Globaloria Leadership Breakfast

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Global Forum on Girls’ Education

From Left to Right: Amanda Rosenblum (YWLN Senior Manager), Shannon Sullivan (Globaloria VP),
Brittany G. (TYWLSA Student), Noran O. (TYWLSA Student), Idit Harel (Globaloria CEO),
Andrea Chaves (TYWLSA Educator), Taher Naggar (TYWLSB Educator),
Allison Persad (TYWLSA Principal)

On Sunday, February 7, Globaloria joined our partners from NYC public schools, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria (TYWLSA) and The Young Women’s Leadership School of Bronx (TYWLSB) at the 2016 Global Forum on Girls’ Education, which brought together education leaders and advocates across the globe to exchange best practices and innovative approaches for academic excellence and the healthy development of girls.

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Upcoming: July 15-17 – EDVentures 2015

EDVentures 2015: The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Education Industry Association
July 15-17, 2015
The Wyndham Grand Bonnet Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida

Wednesday, July 15 from 4:40 pm to 5:40 pm
Panel: “Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of EdTech”

Amber Oliver, Globaloria’s VP of Partnerships and Operations, will join the stage with Joe Morgan, Founder & CEO of MaverixLab, Inc and Manuel Riera, Chief Operating Officer of Pass the Notes, to talk about the lessons they learned as education entrepreneurs in forming sustainable companies that improved student outcomes, empowered teachers, and increased the reach and efficiency of educational institutions. To attend this event, please click this link for the registration page.

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Upcoming: May 28 – Cardozo 6th Annual Industry Day

May 28 from 8:00 am to 3:15 pm
Cardozo Education Campus, Washington, DC

Amber Oliver, Vice President of Partnerships and Operations, was invited to speak at the Cardozo 6th Annual Industry Day, which is an opportunity for students to hear from professionals about various roadmaps to develop skills and explore opportunities available in the industries of transportation, aviation, construction, engineering, and information technology. The event differs from a traditional career fair by offering information through small seminars with dialogue exchange in the mornings, as well as exhibits in the afternoon. The event is comprised of leaders from the private and public sectors who have a commitment to provide learning opportunities and interaction with industry role models that will prepare students to pursue careers in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). For more information about this event, please visit

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Upcoming: June 12-13 – EdSurge-LearnLaunch Tech for Schools Summit (Boston)

June 12-13, 2015 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Holiday Inn & Suites Boston-Peabody

Globaloria will be present at the EdSurge-LearnLaunch Tech for Schools Summit 2015 in Boston, MA on June 12-13, 2015 where school educators and administrators will have an opportunity will have an opportunity to test drive the Globaloria platform, build partners and network with other leaders. See here for more information on registration.

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Upcoming: April 24 – EdSurge Tech for School Summit (Los Angeles)

April 24 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Education Leaders Workshop
The Lower Level @ The Magic Box LA, Los Angeles, California

Globaloria will be featured as part of the tech showcase at the Education Leaders Workshop at the EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit (Los Angeles), where there will be small group sessions where school administrators explore tech, build partnerships and network with other leaders.

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