Blended Learning Platform

Students learn online using our secure, member-only platform. They master project management, coding, design thinking, writing and digital publishing of their own educational apps and video games. In their courses, they use the Globaloria digital textbooks and tutorials, develop personal digital portfolios, research and collaborate, and utilize our expert support community. Built-in class management and assessment tools make it easy for teachers to guide personalized learning of individuals and teams at all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.


Seamless access from your school LMS


Built in class management tools


Game-design journal & learning log


Easy login to start or join a class


Live Expert support for coding questions


Easy-to-follow digital textbook


Secure, members-only learning site for students


Embedded project assessment tools


Project portfolio and Game gallery

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ims certified

IMS LTI certified

Our platform is IMS Global certified, which means it will easily and securely connect with the information systems used by your school or district. Teachers and students can launch Globaloria easily from within a school's Learning Management System (LMS). No additional account creation or password management is required.