EdTech Provider Globaloria Launches Spanish-Language and ELL Computer Science Education Courses

DECEMBER 5, 2016 (NEW YORK, NY) – Globaloria announced today, as part of the White House Computer Science for All CSForAll and CSEdWeek, that they launched a Spanish-language version of their popular Essentials of Coding course, Fundamentos de Programación as well as an English-Language-Learner version called Essentials of Coding: ELL.

Globaloria is a provider of K-12 computer science education founded on the mission that all students should have access to become a computer-science-literate generation in order to drive the global, digital economy, close socioeconomic digital divides, and reduce gender gaps in STEM and CS careers. As the largest programs of its kind nationwide in 2015-2016, Globaloria courses generated more than 700,000 hours of coding and design thinking in public-school classrooms, led by 650 educators in 150 schools across 15 states. Globaloria will train and support 400 educators at 300 partner schools and libraries to teach computer science, software engineering, innovation and design thinking through the 2016-2017 school year in PreK-12th grades. To learn about the Globaloria courses, especially the new Spanish and ELL courses, visit the Globaloria Course Catalog.

“In providing Fundamentos de Programación and ELL versions of our courses, we are equalizing opportunities for computer science education by addressing three special groups of students: 1) students who are learning English as a second language, 2) Spanish-speaking CS learners, and 3) learners who are enrolled in dual-language programs where courses are taught in both Spanish and English,” said Dr. Idit Harel, CEO and Founder of Globaloria.

In Fundamentos de Programación, the curriculum instructions are in Spanish, and JavaScript programming code is in English. Because programming keywords are always in English, this approach supports Spanish speakers in mastering critical technical vocabulary. Contextualized support is provided for understanding the text (e.g., rollovers with images, dual language glossary). Learners are introduced to JavaScript programming by playing a simple coding game and modifying it. They learn the foundations of game design and coding by creating their own version of the game with a unique learning goal, writing a narrative story, and designing their own custom digital art for the background scene and characters.

Essentials of Coding: ELL is designed to support students who are at various levels of English language mastery so they are able to learn Introductory Computer Science concepts and build their own learning games with the same level of success as their native English speaking peers. Special instructional support is embedded for ELL accommodations, and modifications, such as simplified English language instructional text, rollovers for key vocabulary words that present a definition with an image, ELL lesson plans for teachers, and providing ways to differentiate instruction based on students’ language levels.

Globaloria is a leading national provider of computer science education. Its blended-learning platform, course catalog for students, and comprehensive teacher-training courses, enable PreK-12 students to become socially-minded, innovative change-makers through computer science learning programs. The Globaloria pathways (for CTE, STEM and Core integration) offer effective and adequate methods to teach computer science using industry-standard programming languages and professional digital media tools. For more information, contact: Christina.Felton@edelman.com

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