Funding Globaloria

Globaloria can be funded through a variety of federal, state, local, and
private funding sources. Ask our team for details and suggestions.

As a full-service, turnkey
solution, Globaloria includes:

Globaloria provides a compelling model for grants
and directly responds to standard funding expectations:

  • student materials
  • resources and support
  • extensive professional development
  • support for teachers and administrators
  • STEM and computing education for all students

  • Research-based product design 

  • Documented impact on student learning and teacher practice

  • Robust teacher support and professional development

  •  Research-proven student outcomes


  • Powerful support for student achievement

  • Built-in student tracking and monitoring

  • Compliance checks for school leaders

  • Alignment with state, national and common core standards

  • High level of data security


For Your School Or District

Federal Title I-A Funds:
College & Career
College and Career Ready

Globaloria’s full suite of resources are designed to prepare all students to meet challenging State academic standards and to be college and career ready. Schoolwide or targeted implementations of Globaloria may use:

Title I funds, ESEA, secs.
- 1114(a)(1), (b)(1)(D)
- 1115(a), (c)(1)(F)

Federal Title II-A Funds:
Professional Development
College and Career Ready (CCR) Digital Resources

Globaloria’s digital curriculum and platform are College and Career Ready (CCR) Digital Resources. The Globaloria professional development program is designed to help educators better discover, use, and share content that is aligned with CCR standards, and includes training for educators to find and adapt relevant Open Educational Resources (OER).

- ESEA, secs. 2113(c)(6)
- and 2123(a)(3)

Federal Title II-D: Enhancing Education through Technology

Use Technology to Improve Student Academic Achievement. As a digitally-rich, blended learning innovation, Globaloria helps States and localities effectively use technology to improve student academic achievement, and are strongly aligned with the goals and purposes of Title II-D.

- ESA, sec 2401
- ESA, sec 2012
- ESA, sec 2403
- ESA, sec 2404

Professional Development

Globaloria provides Professional Development for teachers that help move districts away from one-size-fits-all professional development. This “blended” professional learning combines in-person training with webinars, simulations, and online communities of practice. These strategies help teachers better understand the subjects they teach, improve their instruction, and gain proficiency in the use of technology to support learning.

- ESEA, sec. 2113(c)(10)
- and 2123(a)(5)

ConnectED Grants

Personalize and Differentiate Learning for College and Career Readiness. Globaloria provides educators with digital learning materials, embedded assessment and real-time progress tracking tools that make it easy to personalize and differentiate learning for college and career readiness, making it aligned to the goals of the ConnectED initiative.

Support Teachers Using
Digital Learning Tools

Globaloria’s professional development program, coaches and resources Support Teachers Using Digital Learning Tools by providing personalized coaching and ongoing professional support.  Globaloria coaches tailor professional learning to the needs of individual educators, empowering teachers to use Globaloria platforms, online assessments, and digital materials as well as a variety of industry-standard digital tools.

- ESEA, sec. 2123(a)(5)(A)

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Grants

Aligned with Perkins Grant Goals. Globaloria strengthens the integration of academic and Career and Technical Education by introducing industry-standard tools and practices through a robust STEM and computing curriculum. This is supported by professional development and assistance for teachers and students, making it directly aligned with Perkins .

Effective Use of Data

Globaloria offers schools embedded assessment and real-time student progress tracking tools that support teachers, administrators, and district leaders in the effective use of data to improve instruction and decision-making for school improvement efforts and accountability.

- ESEA, sec. 2113(c)(11)

Instructional Material Funds

Electronic Instructional Materials. The Globaloria curriculum platform is eligible to be funded through the State Instructional Materials funds for many states as electronic instructional materials.

Private and Foundation Funds


Many schools have used private or foundation funds to purchase Globaloria. STEM, computing and high-tech corporations are particularly interested in funding Globaloria implementations as it supports their STEM pipeline, ensuring they will be able to grow and hire locally. Please contact us for helpful resources and grant language for private grants for K-12 STEM and computing education programs.