Globaloria Classrooms Nationwide Express their Computer Science Spirit Throughout December!

To increase interest in computer science education in schools nationwide and worldwide, created CSEdWeek, promoting introductory coding activities in an event called the “Hour of Code.” The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 163,649 events in 180+ countries around the world.

For our Globaloria students and teachers, every day is an “Hour of Code” and every week is CSEdWeek. This December, we celebrate Computer Science Education Month as an extension of CSEdWeek in all of our schools. Starting on the first week, our students participated in a series of challenges to express their Computer Science Spirit:

  • Monday’s Challenge – Show Your Character
  • Tuesday’s Challenge – Show Your Ideas
  • Wednesday’s Challenge – Show Your Knowledge
  • Thursday’s Challenge – Show Your Spirit
  • Friday’s Challenge – Show Your Game

We are delighted to share a recap from around the nation about unique activities in December in our Globaloria communities:

Austin, TX: Student Startup Crawl

Students in Austin kicked off Computer Science Education Month by participating in the annual student startup crawl. Led by Scott Lipton (Program Director) and Emily Upfal (Senior Operations Manager), 150 Globaloria students from East Austin College Prep Academy and Reagan High School gathered in downtown Austin at the Google Fiber headquarters. The event kicked off with an opening ceremony with a keynote by Melissa Goldenberg of RideAustin and AJ Grabhill, Deputy Commissioner of Education in Texas. Following the ceremony, students visited a number of downtown offices including Facebook, RetailMeNot, and some of Austin’s local co-working spaces. Students experienced virtual reality, learned about what it’s like to work in these companies, saw coders in action, and found out how they can prepare for jobs in the Computer Science field. Students were enthusiastic at the end of the day and excited that Computer Science careers felt within their reach.


Globaloria students from Reagan High School at the Student Startup Crawl in Austin, Texas
(Photo © Scott Lipton)

Globaloria students from East Austin College Prep Academy at the Student Startup Crawl in Austin, Texas
(Photo © Scott Lipton)
Brooklyn, NY: Ditmas Junior High School 62, Highland Park Community School, Victory Collegiate High School
Crystal Wirth (Program Director), Jonathan Hodrick (Senior Classroom Support Specialist) and Betsy Issacson (Classroom Support Specialist) visited Globaloria schools in Brooklyn, New York to celebrate Computer Science Education Month.

At Victory Collegiate High School, they were warmly received by Dr. Deborah Isom, AP of the school, Globaloria educators Matthew Thornton and Chamarra Coward, and the rest of the Victory Collegiate staff. Dr. Isom brought Globaloria to this school for the 2016-2017 school year. This is the first year that Victory Collegiate is using Globaloria. The Globaloria East Coast team visited both Mr. Thornton’s and Ms. Coward’s classes, giving them the opportunity to watch the educators work on coding activities with their students. Both teachers are almost done with their second course – 102 Essentials of Game Design – and are slated to begin 201a Intro to Computer Science Web Design in early 2017. Not only is this a wonderful implementation of Globaloria, with students working together, sharing their work and helping each other with different methods and procedures, both teachers actually started Globaloria later in the school year – early October – and yet picked it up and made Globaloria their own!


Globaloria educators Matthew Thorton and Chammara Coward supporting their students during Computer Science Education Month at Victory Collegiate High School. (Photos © Jonathan Hodrick)
At Highland Park Community School, the Globaloria East Coast team were greeted by enthusiastic educators, Latoya Braswell and Natasha Scott, and their enthusiastic students who were just beginning to make art for their MakeQuest remixes in their 101 Essentials of Coding class. The art-making frenzy in Ms. Scott’s class dovetailed well with Monday’s “Show Your Character” activity, with students submitting their Piskel characters for the contest. Highland Park Community School is a Globaloria veteran, having started in the 2014-2015 school year with implementation for their 6th graders.

Globaloria students at Highland Park Community School creating their Piskel characters.
(Photos © Jonathan Hodrick)
At Ditmas Junior High School 62, Principal Barry Kevorkian and Globaloria Educator, Sarah Shimkus greeted the Globaloria East Coast team. Ditmas JHS 62 is a returning school from the 2015-2016 school year, in which they participated in Globaloria via the NYC DoE STEM Institute Initiative. The school and students enjoyed their Globaloria experience so much that they independently signed on with Globaloria for the 2016-2017 school year as a STEM-based after-school program. While they started in early November, through the experience and hands-on leadership of both Principal Kevorkian and Sarah Shimkus and the enthusiasm of the students, they have quickly caught onto the concepts of 101 Essentials of Coding and are looking into moving onto their next course in early 2017.


Globaloria Educator Sarah Shimkus guiding her students into remixing their games at Ditmas Junior High School 62. (Photos © Jonathan Hodrick)
Belmont, California: Adam DeLaRosa (Senior Classroom Support Specialist) attended the Globaloria presentations at Notre Dame High School Belmont as part of their end-of-semester presentations. Notre Dame High School Belmont is a Globaloria veteran and has been using Globaloria since the 2014-2015 school year.

Globaloria students at Notre Dame High School Belmont presenting their Globaloria games. (Photos © Adam DeLaRosa)
San Jose, California: Globaloria Educator Gary Waters, at Sylvandale Middle School, sent us photos of his advanced students in Globaloria classes who partnered with students new to Globaloria, and took them through the MakeQuest activity. Sylvandale Middle School is a veteran, having started in the 2013-2014 school year with implementation for their 7th and 8th graders.

Globaloria students at Sylvandale Middle School teaching peers how to code through MakeQuest (Photos © Gary Waters)
Beeville, Texas: Nyssa Arcos (Director of Training and Support) visited students in Beeville ISD where they shared a week of learning and collaboration in computer science. Superintendent Dr. Puig attended a meeting where National Honor Society students from A.C. Jones High School presented their MakeQuest games to kindergartners and 1st and 2nd graders. In Moreno Junior High School, National Honors Society students also demo’ed MakeQuest to 4th Grade students. They taught them how to play MakeQuest and then remix the game. At Seashore Middle School in Corpus Christi, 7th and 8th Grade students shared their MakeQuest Remix games during an open house with teachers and fellow students in their school.


A.C. Jones High School National Honors Society students sharing their MakeQuest Remix games with kindergarteners. (Photo © Nyssa Arcos)

Moreno Junior High School student demonstrating to a 4th Grade underclassman on how to check their code during a MakeQuest Remix tutorial. (Photo © Nyssa Arcos)

Moreno Junior High School students ready for their MakeQuest demonstrations! (Photo © Nyssa Arcos)
During Computer Science Education Month, journalists visited Beeville campuses and the following TV news and press was featured:
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 4.49.26 PM

KIIITV: Beeville ISD Make Computer Science Mandatory
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 4.54.01 PM

Corpus Christi Caller Times: Beeville schools takes national lead in computer science
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 4.55.45 PM

Corpus Christi Caller Times: Beeville boasts nation-leading computer science program
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 4.57.20 PM

Texas Tribune: Beeville ISD sends teachers to class for mandatory computer science
Houston, Texas: Leeann Bartee (Program Director) and Shawn Constable (Director of Training and Support) visited Houston schools Cesar E. Chavez High School, Fondren High School, C.E. King Middle School, Michael Null Middle School and Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan to support their endeavors in computer science education and professional development.


Globaloria Educator Jill Griggs introducing fellow educator Larry Pickens to Piskel. (Photo © Shawn Constable)
Also in Houston, we celebrated Computer Science Education Month by producing and launching a series of four mini-documentaries starring Houston ISD Principals who strongly believe in the value of providing computer science education to their students and professional development to their educators.


In November, Globaloria celebrated the 2016 Houston Games for Change Student Challenge, and the video documentary was launched in honor of Computer Science Education Month in December.

Globaloria also announced, as part of the White House Computer Science for All #CSForAll and CSEdWeek initiative, that they launched a Spanish-language version of their popular 101 Essentials of Coding course, Fundamentos de Programación as well as an English-Language-Learner version called Essentials of Coding: ELL. (Read the press release here) The White House also issued a Fact Sheet, which includes Globaloria’s commitments to “A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All”.

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