Meet the Winners of the 2017 Globeys!


The Globeys celebrates excellence in game design and coding process, and motivates students to dig deeper in their learning, while developing real-world CS skills using industry-standard tools. Finalists and Winners are selected by an expert panel of industry game designers, computer scientists and STEM innovators.

Congratulations to all of our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated – you did a wonderful job!


And the Envelope Goes To…

Category: MakeQuest Remix

1st Place: Rachel H., Seashore Middle Academy (TX), “50,000 HZ” Play the game
2nd Place: Ridita R., Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens (NY), “Solar System Adventure” Play the game
3rd Place (Tie): Omawattie S., Young Women’s Leadership School of Queens (NY), “Odessa vs. the Virus,” and Yasmine Sanchez, Stevenson Middle School (TX), “Harley’s Quest” Play the game


Category: GameStar Game

1st Place: Zachary M., Tuloso-Midway High School (TX), “Let’s Play a Game” Play the game
2nd Place: Paul M., Tuloso-Midway High School (TX), “Thwarting David’s Plans” Play the game
3rd Place: Jonathan G., Tuloso-Midway High School (TX), “Mathematical Maze” Play the game


Category: Game Inventor Game

1st Place: Pichu Project, Fadden-McKeown-Chambliss Elementary School (TX), “Character Traits Under the Sea” Play the game
2nd Place (Tie): Blackwell’s Lion Project, Fadden-McKeown-Chambliss Elementary School (TX), “Skip Counting with Goldie,” and Tiger Cats Project, Fadden-McKeown-Chambliss Elementary School (TX), “Shape City” Play the game
3rd Place: Finding Dory, Hampton-Moreno-Dugat Early Childhood Center (TX), “Markerman” Play the game


Category: Game Concept (JS)

1st Place: Tyler P., North Marion High School (WV), “Cincy Kong” Play the game
2nd Place: Naomi C., High Desert School (CA), “Plants, the reason we are alive??!?!” Play the game
3rd Place: Amanda A., High Desert School (CA), “A Ghost Story” Play the game
4th Place: Shai Y., High Desert School (CA), “The War” Play the game


Category: Action Game (JS)

1st Place: Antonio R., North Marion High School (WV), “The War to End All Wars” Play the game
2nd Place: Jose F., Pryor High School (OK), “Stay Hydrated” Play the game
3rd Place: Elizabeth V., Notre Dame High School Belmont (CA), “Get Brains for Your Brain!”Play the game


Category: Hidden Object Game

1st Place: Derek R., Canyon Middle School (TX), “Rainforest Explore” Play the game
2nd Place: Lindsay C., Canyon Middle School (TX), “Save the Sumatran Tiger” Play the game
3rd Place: Andalyn A., Canyon Middle School (TX), “Pet Store Polusa” Play the game


Category: Action Game (AS)

1st Place: Zoe G., Pinedale Middle School (WY), “Owl Adventure” Play the game
2nd Place: Alayna R., North Marion High School (WV), “Gotta Eat” Play the game
3rd Place: Victoria V., Sylvandale Middle School (CA), “History of Animation” Play the game


Category: Team Game

1st Place: Emma P., Hurricane High School (WV), “Kuro’s German Journey” Play the game
2nd Place: Boone O. and Zane H., North Marion High School (WV), “Kroot’s Day Off” Play the game
3rd Place: Camden S. and Jordan P., North Marion High School (WV), “Breaking Bad 101” Play the game


Category: Mobile Game

1st Place: Trevor H., Cathedral High School at Los Angeles (CA), “Ziggurat of Urrow” Play the game
2nd Place: Samuel N., Cathedral High School at Los Angeles (CA), “Immune System Backup!” Play the game
3rd Place: John D., Cathedral High School at Los Angeles (CA), “Let’s Go Fishing!” Play the game


Category: 3D Game

1st Place: Hailee L., Randolph Technical Center (WV), “Chemistry Adventure” Play the game
2nd Place: Spencer K., Livonia Career Technical Center (MI), “Constitutional Convention”
3rd Place: David H., Randolph Technical Center (WV), “Medieval Times” Play the game


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