Globaloria Announces National Winners in 2016 Globey Game Design Competition

47 National Finalists and 19 National Winners were honored at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, at the 2016 Globey Awards Ceremony, featuring Keynote speakers, Robert Scott, former Texas commissioner of education (second row, left), and Jennifer Lopez (second row, middle), commercial innovation technology development lead for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 (AUSTIN, TEXAS) – Globaloria, a leading provider of K-12 computer science education, announced today the national winners of the 2016 Globey Game Design Competition and Awards. As the largest program of its kind nationwide, in 2015-16 Globaloria has generated over 700,000 hours of design thinking and coding in classrooms, led by 650 educators in 150 schools across 15 states. Of those participating in the program, more than 100 student national finalists, their parents, teachers and principals from across the U.S. came together on Saturday, Sept. 24 to the Texas State Capitol for the 2016 Globey Awards Ceremony, a national game design and coding competition that celebrates students’ year-long efforts in computer science learning.

Meet the 47 Finalists of the 2016 Globey Awards National Finalists

Forty-seven national finalists competed, selected from 274 regional finalists. In the Globeys Ceremony Program celebrating the final competition, 19 winners were recognized for their outstanding achievements across nine gaming categories. The competition was judged by a panel of 18 notable industry professionals from companies and institutions with STEM initiatives as key priorities including Google Education, Rutgers University, AMD, Filament Games, BazaarVoice, and New York Hall of Science. The 19 winners received prizes generously donated by Globaloria, the Entertainment Software Association, NASA-CASIS, Ubisoft, and WNBA.

In addition, we thank Barlovento Foundation for supporting the Globaloria students from Houston, as part of Globaloria Partnership with Games for Change Student Challenge in Houston. From 35 Houston schools, 27 students were Regional Finalists, 5 National Finalists, and 2 National winners. Time Warner Cable news captured one of the Houston Winners in this news clip on Sept. 24.

TWC News Screenshot

Watch Time Warner Cable News coverage of the Globey Awards.

“Welcome to the future of education, where computer science is a human right that should be accessible to all students,” said Dr. Idit Harel in her Keynote to Globaloria students, parents, educators, and industry leaders, at the Ceremony at State Capitol on Saturday. “It is our collective responsibility to educate the next generation of change makers and innovators by providing accessible computer science resources and programs that allow students to fully thrive in an increasingly digital world.”


Idit Harel, CEO and Founder of Globaloria, with Luke B, Game Concept (JavaScript) National Finalist from MS324 Patria Mirabel School, NY


Idit Harel giving opening remarks about “The Future of Education: Thriving in an Increasingly Digital World”


Jennifer Lopez, who shared her insights with the students: “What I’ve learned is to always embrace my curiosity, never be afraid to ask questions, and have passion for scientific discovery that leads to explorations and innovation! It’s so much fun!”

“Computer science and computational thinking are an important new literacy—they are required to solve important challenges in the world,” said Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer. “Today we have over 600,000 high tech jobs open in the United States, in all different fields—and they pay 50 percent more than the average private sector job. It is important to prepare everyone with skills to be a full participant of the 21st century and help all Americans gain creative confidence.” Read the Congratulations email from Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

The Globey Awards Program</strong> featured two keynote speakers: Robert Scott, former Texas commissioner of education; and Jennifer Lopez, commercial innovation technology development lead for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) where she develops breakthrough innovations for the International Space Station. Both are born and raised in Texas and outstanding role models for leadership in science, technology, education and government.

“The leaders of tomorrow will work in buildings like this, the state capitol, but also in laboratories and classrooms innovating and creating to solve big problems. I am excited to work with Globaloria to provide students across Texas and the country the same opportunities you have had,” said Robert Scott to the Globaloria students.


Keynote Speaker Robert Scott speaking about “The Leaders of Tomorrow”

The 19 national finalists of the 2016 Globeys were awarded in nine categories, based on the specific courses they took during the 2015-16 school year:

1. Action Game (JavaScript Programming)
DigestiveBeatdownAhmed A., Digestive Breakdown, Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan, Houston ISD, TX

BeatSavanna J., Beat, Livonia Career Technical Center, Livonia Public Schools, MI

DatSharkUlysses Mendez M., DAT SHARK(Ted), David Crockett High School, Austin ISD, TX

2. Hidden Object Game (ActionScript Programming)
Middle School:
InnovationInternetGrace S., Innovation of the Internet, Tongue River Middle School, Sheridan County School District #1, WY

CrazyKitchenHaris K., Crazy Kitchen, Beehive Science and Technology Academy, Granite School District, UT

High School:
Makeup Cleanup
Tiffany B., Makeup Cleanup, Hurricane High School, Putnam County Schools, WV
AdobeFlashFloodTyler P., Unplugged 20XX: Preventing an Adobe Flash Flood, North Marion High School, Marion County Schools, WV

3. Action Game (ActionScript Programming)
Middle School:
MonkeyRunBailey W., Monkey Run, Pinedale Middle School, Sublette County School District #1, WY

High School:
TheLastStandCole N., The Last Stand, Hurricane High School, Putnam County Schools, WV

4. Team Game (ActionScript Programming)
Middle School:
MonarchWarriorsSally H., Jenny N., Jenna K., Magnificent Monarch March, Adventure STEM Academy, Oak Grove School District, CA

High School:
PutItOutAustin B., Put It Out, Hurricane High School, Putnam County Schools, WV

5. Mobile Game:
AtomicAtomsAlexander G., Atomic Atoms, Sylvandale Middle School, Franklin McKinley School District, CA

CircleOfLifeJennifer T., Circle of Life, Sylvandale Middle School, Franklin McKinley School District, CA

Additional categories and their winners are: Game Prototype: Julie P., Odysseus, Cesar E. Chavez High School, Houston ISD, TX Game Design Essentials: Emily M., Jack’s Adventure, Losoya Intermediate School, Southside ISD, TX; Game Code Remix: Coal N., Dino Hunt, Pinedale Middle School, Sheridan County School District #1, WY; and Game Concept (JavaScript Programming): Mikayla W., Littering, Pryor Junior High School, Pryor Public Schools, OK.

Globaloria thanks the 2016 National Judges – tech industry experts, computer scientists, game designers, education leaders, social entrepreneurs, university professors, academic researchers — who volunteered to evaluate the students’ projects and select this year’s Globey Awards Winners. Judges are listed here in alphabetical order of their company’s or organization’s name:

Eric Johnson, CEO, Activate Learning; Anne Fertitta, Senior Manager, Global Community Affairs, AMD; Nils Marchand, Vice President, Global Field Enablement, BazaarVoice; Chris Funk, Superintendent, East Side Union High School District, San Jose, CA; Erik Huey, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Entertainment Software Association; Gary Bolles, Co-Founder, eParachute, Inc.; Dan Norton, Chief Creative Officer, Filament Games; Ni Lao, Research Scientist, Google Inc.; Amber Oliver, Social Entrepreneur, COO, GripTape Youth Agency; Cody Smedsrud, Project Manager, Group Health Cooperative; Carrie Ray-Hill, Director of Content, iCivics Inc.; Margaret Minksy, Computer Scientist and Technology Consultant, Margaret Minsky Consulting; Atul Varma, Creative Technologist, formerly Mozila; Shelley Gretlein, Director, Software Marketing and Customer Education, National Instruments; Anthony Negron, Manager of Digital Programming, New York Hall of Science; Kamran Khan, Media and Games Network, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University; Mohammed Riza, Chief Design Officer, Amplify and ProjectEd; Rebecca Reynolds, Assistant Professor, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University.

This year, Globaloria CEO and Founder, Dr. Idit Harel, recognized three educators, three students, and one school in Texas, as the recipients of the Globaloria Pioneer Award.

Globaloria Pioneer Denise Stalnaker was the first teacher in the nation to launch a pilot Globaloria class in her school, Randolph Technical Center (RTC) in Elkins, West Virginia. For 5 years Denise taught Globaloria courses at RTC, and as we created new course versions and features, she was always generous in testing them with her students. Denise also provided training and support and helped make Globaloria great for educators and students in West Virginia and other states, working on standard alignments, mentoring new teachers, leading educator training academies statewide and nationally, supporting her students on getting internships with Globaloria, and encouraging them to study Computer Science and Education in college. In fact, the first Globeys were celebrated in West Virginia in 2008.


Idit Harel with Globaloria Pioneer, Educator Denise Stalnaker, and Globaloria Pioneer Student, Valerie Malcomb, who’s a Globaloria Classroom Support Specialist in Austin

Watch the following video featuring Denise Stalnaker and Valerie Malcomb’s participation in Globaloria:

  • Leadership in Action
  • Bridging the Civics Education Gap

  • Globaloria Pioneer East Austin College Prep Academy, is the first Globaloria school in Texas. In the fall 2009, when it opened the doors to its first cohort of 6th graders, the founder Dr. Juan Sanchez selected Globaloria as a the STEM curricular component of the daily curriculum of every student in his new charter school. In one of many interviews, he claimed: “Globaloria lets students target those STEM areas where they struggle most, while enabling them to tap into their creative potential many did not even know they possessed. And it is igniting in them a love of self-learning that can enrich their lives forever. Globaloria is the kind of educational transformation we need in our schools and we believe it is providing a roadmap for how to change the game of education in the 21st century.” Over the past 7 years, we have trained several teachers and principals, and watched EAPrep faculty and its students grow and soar. The first Globeys in Texas were celebrated in 2010 at EAPrep – in a festive, red carpet, community celebration.
    Globaloria Pioneers, 3 EAPrep students, are graduates from the school’s first class of 2016, have participated in SxSW and recognized as Globey Finalists and Winners in the past years: Michael Alvarez, Laura Plasencio, Arlette Flores.
    Globaloria Pioneer Nyssa Arcos taught Globaloria at EAPrep for 5 years, before she was recruited her to bring it to Southside ISD in San Antonio. The pioneering work that was done by Nyssa Arcos and her colleagues and 500 students at EAPrep over the first four was funded by AMD Foundation and the ESA Foundation. AMD’s Anne Fertitta is one of our National Judges. Nyssa joined our Globaloria team in August, 2016, and she is now working with teachers across Texas.

    Watch the following videos featuring East Austin College Prep Academy’s participation in Globaloria:

  • Game Design at East Austin College Prep Academy
  • STEM Learning Through Game Design and Coding
  • Inspiring Students to Love Learning
  • Enhancing STEM Learning and College Prep Skills
  • A Model for Transforming Education
  • EAPrep Globaloria Students At SXSWedu Playground
  • EAPrep Globaloria On KXAN
  • Video games help East Austin College Prep students get ready for college
  • EAPrep Pioneers

    Globaloria Pioneers from EAPrep (who are now freshmen in college): Arlette Flores (left), Michael Alvarez (back), Laura Plasencio (right) and their former EAPrep Educator, Nyssa Arcos (front)

    Globaloria Pioneer Carlos Inda joined the Globaloria forces in 2011. The Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) invited Globaloria to meet with visionary educators in San Jose. Christopher Middle School, is located a stone’s throw from all the tech giants of Silicon Valley, however, San Jose is a city has a huge population of economically-disadvantaged students, many who are immigrants or first-generation Americans. The principal of Christopher School, Bill Abraham, saw in Globaloria the potential to transform the lives of his 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, preparing them for high school classes, college and future careers in technology and computer science in Silicon Valley. He recruited Carlos Inda, who became the first Globaloria teacher in California. In the past 5 years, Carlos has taught 515 students, helped us test new courses and train many educators in California.

    Watch the TechAwards video featuring Carlos Inda and Bill Abraham and students in their school in San Jose.


    Globaloria Pioneer Carlos Inda (left) and Idit Harel (right) with Globeys National Winner Ahmed A. from Baylor College of Medicine at Ryan Academy, Houston ISD, TX
    Photo © Dosydo Creative


    Globaloria Pioneer Carlos Inda’s students, Angeeleena E., Litzy C. and Yahaira M. from Christopher School in San Jose, CA were National Finalists in the Team Game Category

    Globeys National Finalists sharing their winning games to each other before the start of the ceremony.
    Photo © Dosydo Creative


    Globeys National Finalists and Winners for Hidden Object Game Category
    Photo © Dosydo Creative


    Robert Scott and Idit Harel with National Winner Cole N. from Hurricane High School, WV and National Finalist Catherine S. from AdVENTURE STEM Academy for the Action Game (ActionScript) Category.


    Ron Wolfe (Executive Director of Partnerships, Texas), Robert Scott (Principal, Texas Start Alliance) and Idit Harel with Globeys National Winner Alexander G. from Sylvandale Middle School, CA
    Photo © Dosydo Creative


    Scott Lipton (Senior Director, Globaloria South/Central) and Idit Harel with Globeys National Winners Emily M. and Julie P.


    Prizes generously donated by Globaloria, the Entertainment Software Association, NASA-CASIS, Ubisoft, and WNBA

    See more photos in our Facebook album.

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