Research Studies

More than 55 independent reports demonstrate students who work with Globaloria see their academic performances improve significantly, while underserved students see special gains in digital literacy.

Increases Academic Performance

  • Low-income middle school students using Globaloria in Texas show statistically significant gains in critical reading, math achievement and self-efficacy scores on standardized and unit tests.
  • West Virginia students using Globaloria score significantly higher than non-Globaloria students on West Virginia's WESTEST2 tests.
  • Globaloria students who use the network as part of a core curriculum class (e.g. biology) score higher on tests and receive higher course grades than their non-Globaloria peers.

Improves Learning Habits & Behaviors

  • Globaloria students develop new and expanded skillsets, including problem-solving, organizational and time management abilities, presentation, interpersonal skills, and collaborative processes.
  • Globaloria inspires students to consider STEM careers, increasing the number who identify STEM-related career goals from 36 to 52 percent of students in their second year of the program.
  • Globaloria effectively promotes collaborative learning: over 73 percent of all games are created collaboratively.

Transforms Teaching Styles

  • Globaloria educators develop their own digital literacy in ways that have far-reaching effects on their teaching decisions, attitudes towards students, and the habits of mind they are developing vis-à-vis their own practice.
  • Globaloria educators implement their changed teaching styles in both Globaloria and non-Globaloria classes, demonstrating the viral character of their new skills.
  • Overall, teachers believe they are better teachers as result of their participation in Globaloria led learning.

Helps Underserved Students

  • Globaloria helps students significantly increase their ability level in the three Constructionist contemporary learning abilities, indicating mastery of digital literacy.
  • Globaloria has a direct impact on students’ computational thinking practices, particularly in problem decomposition and pattern recognition.
  • Participation in Globaloria eliminates disparities in home computer use among students on the basis of parent education.

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