Educators and Students Love Globaloria

How has Globaloria impacted your life?

Herman Intermediate School


Herman Intermediate School, CA

“Globaloria has provided me with skills and tools that bring a new way of teaching into my classroom. It helps me create blended-learning that excites my students with opportunities to advance digital citizenship and 21st-century skills!”


High School Student

Young Women's Leadership School, NY

“What I enjoy about Globaloria is that we get to do something different that not all schools get to do! I love that we get to experience making games and that this is hands on!”

Tongue River2


Tongue River Middle School, WY

“I see problem solving taking place along with collaboration and I love it when students say I can’t believe the class period is over already. That tells me that they are engaged in learning.”

TX-East Austin College Prep Academy


East Austin College Prep, TX

“Our long term Globaloria students have consistently out-scored our other students on all State and National tests. This is due in large part to the fact that Globaloria forces them to conceptualize, work independently and investigate options in order to problem solve. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse this curriculum and its conceptual approach to teaching.”

NY-Bronx Writing Academy


Bronx Writing Academy, NY

“Thank you so much for the learning experience. I learned new things in coding that I did not know before and your support throughout the 3 days was excellent. I was proud of the draft of my game and look forward to finishing it before school starts. I am very excited to work with Globaloria once again. Thank you, Globaloria team!”

TX-Houston Independent School District


CTE Director
Houston Independent Schools, TX

“Thank you for the informative Globaloria Leadership Training. I know I walked away with even greater certainty that understanding coding is a crucial skill for today's students. I'm also convinced that your platform and dedication to comprehensive professional development makes Globaloria the right tool for teaching the skill in our district.”



Rawlins High School, WY

"This was hands down the greatest professional development I've ever been to. I love that I can literally start tomorrow if I want."



The Young Women's Leadership
School of Queens, NY

"I am learning something new. I am so glad that I did Globaloria. On my behalf, and for the girls, it is a great thing. Globaloria has given us everything we need to make sure the kids can get their hands on this kind of learning. If I had Globaloria when I was in high school, I would be a game designer now!"

Tongue River2


Tongue River Middle School, WY

"I see problem solving taking place along with collaboration and I love it when students say I can't believe the class period is over already. That tells me that they are engaged in learning."

McDowell County Schools2

Assistant Superintendent

McDowell County Schools, WV

"Globaloria has made my students ready to take on challenges that require flexibility, collaboration, and tolerance. It cultivates a complete dedication and sustained interest among students, preparing them for college and career."

Manor ISD


Manor High School, TX

"I have been amazed at how quickly my students have learned...and how totally engaged they are in creating [games] using this software. They are constantly learning new things and sharing with their classmates. This is the first class I've taught where I don't have to lead and initiate the learning."



Sheridan County School District #1, WY

"One of the most valuable impacts of Globaloria is how it has re-energized and reinvigorated our teachers that has reached the point in their career where they were just moving along doing most of the same. It has helped take the teachers that had lapsed into average back to excellent."

Randolph Technical Center


Randolph Technical Center, WV

"Let me assure you that all the elements are there to benefit the students regardless of their learning level. The curriculum is set up in a manner that prepares them for post-secondary education or the work force and I only wished that more courses were like this."

TX-East Austin College Prep Academy

School Board President

East Austin College Prep, TX

"We have had great results on the East Side of Austin with students who are financially and academically challenged. From the beginning, Globaloria has been at the center of our curricular success. All educators have been striving for years to provide hands-on, higher-order thinking skills to students. The Globaloria course and curriculum has these components imbedded into its core."



West Virginia Department of Education

" don't think there is any question that Globaloria can be used as a tool to enhance the teaching of mathematics and science content in West Virginia public schools."

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